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Beneath the surface



Production: 2018

Lenght: 12 minutes 29 secondes

Staring: Valentine Cadic, Delphine Bronzi, Mikael-don Giancarli and Denis Sixou

Julie, a teenage girl placed in an institution, is not really ill anymore, only in her head and in her mother’s who prevents her from getting better in order to stop her growing up. Julie takes care of her strange goldfish without taking care of herself until one night she goes out of her bedroom...

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Beneath the surface  was selected in the following festivals:


Festival Tournez Jeunesse, october 2018

Festival Toulon tout court, march 2019, winner of the "Golden Faron" of best fiction

Festival Chalon tout court, april 2019

Comète Film Festival, june 2019

Festival des Nouveaux Cinémas, june 2019

Festival One Shot, november 2019


Soirée « Courts en musique » at the Café de Paris in february 2019

Transmutateur, Montreuil, november 2019

Théâtre Dunois, Paris, november 2019

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